A New Year, A New Version

This may be some seriously old news to some, however Battlefront have announced a new version 4 of Flames of War to be released in March 2017. This has caused quite a stir in the Flames of War Forums with it somewhat dividing the Flames community. Many feel that, with the information that has been provided, the game is becoming too simplified. More reminiscent of Battlefront’s Team Yankee ruleset which has seen some popularity. While others feel that it’s about time that there was some streamlining of some of the more contentious rules. The information being released is a combination of “slow release” on the WWPD Site and podcast, some “leaked” material online as well as hints and minor responses on the Battlefront forum and website.

Where I stand on the matter is quite neutral; I would like to see the lists and rules primarily to determine how I paint and base squads and platoons. What I would hope to see is that the new version is eventually announced as being a success (when it has been fully released) and that it stimulates the community into playing more Flames of War. I think that overall it has been a good game and I love seeing it being played and enjoyed. What I don’t want to see, which has been hinted at, is that some of the quirkier equipment is removed and they disappear from the tables. I feel that some of this equipment brings a lot of flavour and character to the armies involved.

On the painting and modelling front I have been continuing to work away on the StuGs and Stukas (sounds like a boardgame). I got diverted to another secret project that I had thought about and designed a while back. It took up a fair bit of research time as it was dabbling in areas that I have had minimal understanding and knowledge. What I am creating is this new system for [CENSORED] … and the result has been somewhat of a success. I will post this project soon once I have completely finished.

The StuGs are looking great, however I keep pulling more and more of them out of the cupboards as I find them. The new plastic StuGs are fantastic and have great details and are excellent to put together with minimal effort. The old open fire StuGs – not so much. While I am writing this I just remembered that I have another older boxset of StuGs. I will never get them finished at this rate!

With the Stukas I was initially only working on one as I had original boxset of three. Then I found out that in this new version of Flames of War they may be bringing back multiple planes in a single bombing run. With the amount of “fix” up work that I had to do for just one plane I had to postpone this work until the information about planes in the new ruleset is confirmed. “Convenient excuse” some would say, I say you’ll see what I mean when you see the work that i’ve put into just one Stuka.

So as usual, I have too little time, too many projects and not many pictures to show. However I do thank you for your indulgence and I promise that I will have some images to post for next time.

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