An Axe to Grind

I’ve chopped a fair amount of wood in my youth as I lived in the country. It was fun to pay tribute to this as well as having it fit nicely into the context of my basing scheme. My original plans for this base was to have the soldiers filtering through a farmer’s house and yard. I was going to have one side of the base being the side of his hut, lined with stacked chopped wood, with the other side containing the chopping block and debris. After viewing other people’s work where they have the basing being an entire building scene, broken up among the squads, I decided that I wouldn’t be able to make my idea work. I felt that it would be out of context to have a single base being part of a building and would look half-finished. Also, with the way that I have done this base, I leave it partially up to the imagination for the setting. It could be a generic yard (which is what is intended) or it could be a clearing where a woodcutter is gathering wood, etc.

The axe was made out of greenstuff and was fairly easy to do. I rolled out a thin column of greenstuff which I then flattened out to make the handle. The axe head was made by flattening down one end of a rectangle of greenstuff. These were left to cure and then cut appropriately. The wood is done by cutting a dowel of balsa wood to length and then quartering it vertically. I then scored it with a scalpel to give it the rough texture.

I really enjoyed making this base, it came together nicely. I also like the poses of the machine gunner team. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for viewing

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2 Responses to An Axe to Grind

  1. 40kterminatus says:

    Gorgeous looking models as usual šŸ™‚

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