CanCon 2014 – Part I

CanCon is a convention dedicated to hobby gaming. It encompasses many different formats and genres, including Wargaming, Boardgaming, Card games and much more. It is also host to many tournaments which include Flames of War, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40k. Amongst it all are a number of demonstration games and historical scenarios/re-fights. Intermingled with the action are a number of retail stalls to whet your hobby appetite as well as to empty your wallet. Overall it’s three large buildings bustling with entertainment that I highly recommend to attend.

As has become customary for me, I went to take snapshots of the Flames of War and modelling goodness to be had at this event. It’s also an opportunity for me to restock painting and other modelling paraphernalia. I also keep an eye out for any boardgames and bargains at the auction held on the final day.

Here is some of the Flames of War eye candy that was on display. A big thank you goes out to all who let me takes photos of their excellent miniatures and boards.

This year I went with a mindset that I would restrict my purchases to essentials and bargains too good to pass up. I managed to stick to this goal and bought some static grass clumps, varnish and some boardgames – D-Day Dice being the standout. The auction was quite interesting – I was close to winning a Kings of War force, an American and Soviet force for Dust Warfare, and Steve Jackson’s Ogre – all for very reasonable prices. However I managed to pull out when the prices went past the margins I set myself. Instead I won an assortment of Hell Dorado figures. Not my usual scene, however the positive is that I have something different to paint to practice and experiment on.

A stand out for me on this long weekend was that I had the pleasure of meeting Phil Yates from Battlefront. I spectated a game where he took a Russian armoured force against a mixed German Armour and Pioneer force – part of a larger Kursk re-fight. Afterwards he ran me through the details of the battles and the history. A knowledgeable and interesting character who was pleasant to be around.

As always, I had a great time. Recharged the hobby interest and spurred more effort to get these 88s that I’ve been painting finished. Maybe next year I’ll look at doing more participating than photography – if I get can get an army finished!

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