ScaleACT 2013

I caught wind of a Scale Modelling Convention happening in my region and I was eager to attend. This event is hosted by the ACT Scale Modellers’ Society whose focus is on scale modelling with their major aim being the promotion of the hobby and improving the modelling standards of it’s members. This convention hosts a number of modelling competitions in a large range of scales and categories in addition to vendor stalls, modelling displays,  as well as a swap and sell section.

Upon arrival I was greeted by friendly modellers and a large hall full of tables with loads of modelling eye candy. There was a number of amazing pieces; aircraft of all varieties and time periods, AFVs galore, ships of all sizes as well as some well put together dioramas. I took the time to study the finishes and the techniques involved in each. Mentally I was trying to work out the best method to replicate these to the smaller scale of 1/100. The weathering effects were outstanding and really made a lot of these pieces feel “in the moment”.

Unfortunately, I managed to forget to charge the camera’s battery and so  was only able to take a few shots before it shutdown. I was really kicking myself for neglecting to check this before arriving. The photos I did manage to take were of an Afrika Korp display that was set up in a side area as well as some remote control tanks courtesy of Panzergruppe South. However I here is a link to just some of the models that were on display.

The Swap and Sell was a little disappointing; there was a limited selection for 1/100 scale and these were, in my opinion, a bit overpriced. On a positive note there was a lot of modelling reference material and I managed to purchase a couple of books on Luftwaffe Aircraft as well as a Panzer Art book. The vendor stalls were great, very helpful with an excellent range of products. Picked up some mud products that really caught my eye, lots of Tamiya tape and was almost tempted to buy a bust of Joachim Peiper.

I didn’t enter in any models for this year, due to the short notice, but I am excited for next years competition. I am deciding on a worthy project to enter, I will have to get some feedback closer to the time. I hope that you enjoy the pictures, sorry that there isn’t more of them!


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