Little Green Army Men

Whenever I have some free time I scour the web reading other people’s hobby blogs. A lot of times they contain wonderfully painted miniatures and also some hidden gems in the form of tutorials. This link contains one such gem, it’s a tutorial on green stuff and the use of sculpting putty in general.

It’s really excellent and it goes into a lot of detail about tips and techniques to follow when using this material. I have been doing lots of modelling of late and I can confirm that it all works as suggested. The tip about the lubricating your sculpting tools with a chap stick is an absolute must to getting a really smooth and polished finish. Even though it demonstrates work at a larger scale it can most certainly be incorporated into the Flames of War space. I’ve been using it to recreate detail on figures as well as create new detail for vehicles.

The site also contains some other useful tutorials which are well worth a read. For future reference I have added the main site to my blog roll as well as here: Rust and the City. Just follow the link and then click on the tutorials tab, the author has produced some fantastic work.

Just a quick update on what I have been doing, in my spare time I have been resculpting details onto figures and vehicles as well as expanding my modelling horizons. I have been experimenting in making latex molds, playing with resin, and even utilising fiber glass to create master molds. Not really ground breaking stuff but, in my opinion, the best kind of research is through experience. I’m playing around with these materials as I have a future project that will involve replicating terrain features that I create (yes I said terrain, a hint at a very large project that has been over a year in the planning). Also it never hurts to expand your knowledge in all facets of your chosen hobby, another weapon to add to the modelling arsenal.

If you like the info let Cameron know that I sent you by leaving him a comment and telling him what you think.

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2 Responses to Little Green Army Men

  1. Cameron says:

    Haha. Thanks for the kind words and link! Your blog is now working on my blogroll. Not sure why it was not before. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. I have some American paratroopers waiting for some paint and your infantry are a big inspiration for them. Thanks again!

  2. Rachel says:

    I have gone through the link.I loved reading your post on “Sculpting with GF9 greenstuff and chap stick”

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