All in Formation

Here are the final group shots of the Panzer Grenadier platoon. As this is the final post on this platoon I will take this opportunity to summarise my experiences.

I also look on these figures and I am excited about how far I have managed to progress from my initial starting pieces. I have learnt a great deal about the effects that I can achieve and the direction of my work.

The first item that I take from this experience is that all of the extra time in preparation really pays off. The many hours of cleaning flash and recreating detail really helped in creating a clean and sharp finish. Annoying as it is I will continue to put in the extra effort up front everytime.

The second lesson learned is that the production line system is working for me time wise and with improving my skills. I was finding that as I progressed down the line of figures I was achieving better results that at the start. Even though it can feel like a grind at times the phases of the production line have helped to develop my painting a lot.

And finally every moment spent in research, whether it be colour details or painting techniques, has been one that is well spent. Thanks to the vast resources of the internet and other people willing to take the time to share how they create their effects I have gained much in skill and knowledge.

That’s enough looking back, looking forward I have some interesting posts lined up; I attended a convention, some tutorials in the works, more book reviews and of course more completed pieces.

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6 Responses to All in Formation

  1. I’ve been silently following along with this platoon but I have to say seeing the end result all together I can simply say, these look amazing! I would probably even be afraid to use them in games. LOL

    • minutiaeofwar says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I have yet to use them in a game because i’m focusing more on the painting and modelling atm. However i’m excited to get a fully painted force on the board. Feel free to comment as often as you wish, no need to be silent.

  2. Cameron says:

    These are truly incredible. I can’t believe the amount of detail and the clarity of the highlights. I’m also impressed at how well the highlights match between the individuals. Fantastic work. You really should enter them in a competition if you get the chance!

  3. Simply phenomenal. The amount of effort needed to paint up details such as the collar tabs… Just wow.

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