The War Grinds on Another Year

January 10th marked the blog’s first birthday and so this is as good as time as any to look back at what was achieved, and forward what I have planned in the future. I managed to get a less than average amount of painting completed for the speed that I work at. In terms of what others have completed over the period I would say that I haven’t gotten very much done. This means that I will need to set aside more time to focus on this hobby that I enjoy. Never a bad thing  🙂

This year has seen a lot of learning and research under my belt which I am pleased with. I made the extra effort to research techniques in lots of scales in order to see what I could apply to the world of 15mm. Some things have worked while others didn’t, however it was well worth the effort in my eyes. This has enabled me to develop my painting and improve a great deal. I’m happy that i am still learning things along the way and slowly getting better. It has also helped me develop my “style” for lack of a better word. I have found the approach that I want to take with how I paint all things 15mm and now it’s just a matter of applying it as often as I can.

This year has also marked my association with the WWPD network with some small direct contributions along the way. I have found that these guys have really fostered a strong, like-minded community who are only happy to share ideas, thoughts, and their work. I really enjoy visiting the gallery to see other people’s work and the inspiration that it brings. I have, however, managed to steer clear from posting on their painting queues though. Putting down in writing what I have in the cupboard awaiting completion would shock a seasoned wargaming, let alone myself. I admit to having “completion-itis”, if i’m going to do something I have to get all of the options and all of the variants. In this regard i’m going to maintain my sanity and live in ignorance. So I can look at it as my cupboard of opportunity and not as a repository of dread.

Looking forward I have lots of things planned. I want to put more work into making tutorials and guides on how I do various things which, hopefully, will be of use to others. I would like to complete more book reviews, with an eye towards reference material. I’ve found that these books not only interest me from a historical perspective but they get the creative modelling juices flowing. I find that getting into these books always inspires me to come up with new ideas and research techniques on how to implement them. Another area I may explore is filming. I’m not quite sure how I will go with this but there is an idea or two kicking around that i’m interested in looking at. I also have a major project that I am looking to tackle, the task is imposing and grandiose in nature. I’ve been waiting until i’ve had the necessary skill in order to do the work some justice. I’ll keep this one a secret until I have the gumption, and time, to unveil my plans. Finally I will look to complete more pieces. I have no set plan nor requirement of what I work on and so I may leave it up to a viewers poll to determine what I paint next (Disclaimer:- Kradschützen may or may not be available as an option)

Thank you all for coming and visiting this blog throughout year. I look forward to what the painting future holds and I hope that you come back and visit to see what i’m up to.


P.S: I’ll be going to CANCON this year so you may have the misfortune of seeing me lurking around taking pictures of everyone’s work.

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3 Responses to The War Grinds on Another Year

  1. Cameron says:

    Hi, it’s Cameron from Rust and the City. I’m a big fan of your work. I am blown away by the detail you manage to paint on the faces of the models and the level of detail you add on each model. Fantastic work. A few weeks ago I came across your blog incidentally and read through all of your posts. I had been planning to add your site to my blog roll, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I just made the connection between this blog and your user id today when I clicked on your name on the blogger comments.

    You recently posted something about an indecent comment and not returning on the comments section of my blog. I am really worried that I have offended you somehow. If I did,I am sorry it was completely unintentional. Sorry for not responding sooner to your comments on my blog. I really appreciate them. I have just been extremely busy for the past month and they came at times when I was unable to reply. Or was it the comments I made on historical accuracy and my struggles with it? Please let me know what I have done to offend you. Thank you for all of your kind words and comments on my blog. Even though I did not have time to respond, I read them all and greatly appreciate them.

    • minutiaeofwar says:

      Hi Cameron,
      I thought that you had scrubbed a rather long comment that I took the effort to write in which I was encouraging you to continue your work despite some negative feedback from various forums. The comment wasn’t holistically positive which is why I thought that it had been removed. It may be a misunderstanding on my part but I just wonder where that comment got to. Anyway, thanks for clearing it up and I hope that you enjoy the blog.

  2. Gonzo says:

    I still vote Tanks next. You can’t beak a good tank (unless you’re a tank hunter!)

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