Rounds on the Ground II

Firstly, a “Happy New Year” to you.

This Panzer Grenadier’s light mortar squad was a joy to base. I’ve had the idea for this scene in mind for a very long time, in fact it came to me just after I had completed my previous light mortar squad (see Rounds on the Ground). Each element of the piece came together quite easily. Having a clear picture of what I wanted to create helped a great deal. The log I created out of balsa dowel and lots of scalpel work. The mushrooms and mortar shells I sculpted out of green stuff. I think I may do a quick tutorial, in the future, on how to make the mushrooms, it’s fairly straight-forward however it may be of use to someone.

I really like this glass effect, I can’t remember where I picked it up from but I find that it is effective in it’s representation and looks quite striking. And finally the figures themselves have lots of detail and character to them that they have a very animated feel.

I hope that this year brings you even more blessings and good fortune than the last. And of course, thanks for viewing.

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1 Response to Rounds on the Ground II

  1. Gonzo says:

    Your attention to detail is amazing at this scale. I particularly like the eyes and the lens effect. I’m looking forward to more infantry and your Panthers/panzer IVs.

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