Consolidating the Position

This is the final normal squad base for this Panzer Grenadier platoon. Once again I wanted to create a more simplistic scene for the base. Just attempt to do the foundations well, rather than have too much “interest” going on. This is to balance out the entire theme of the platoon while still maintain the coherency. As mentioned previously I have a habit of wanting to make every base into a mini diorama.

Taking that step back, I feel, has really worked in this case. I like the transition between the bare earth and the grass, as well as the interaction between the rock clusters and the grass tufts. Looking back on this piece the base could have done without the red flowers, it’s just that i’m addicted them; it’s a curse.

The soldiers stances and placement suggest attention and focus forward without much stress. This works out as they are in the back rank of the platoon and as the title says they are consolidating the overrun Russian machine gun position (see Light it Up!).

I wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas, thanks for viewing and please feel free to provide your thoughts.

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3 Responses to Consolidating the Position

  1. Cameron says:

    These are incredible! I can’t believe the level of detail you included! The detail on the lapels and the eyes are great. Fantastic work!

  2. Gonzo says:

    Group shot? Fantastic as ever

    • minutiaeofwar says:

      I have almost finished posting the entire platoon, then there will be numerous of groups shots so that you can see the theme all tied in together.

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