Continuing with the theme, this scene displays the rapid advance of the platoon through an emplaced Russian position. The idea is that the Russians have fallen back promptly under pressure from the Panzergrenadier advance. This squad is quickly redeploying to halt any possible counter attack.

The primary basing element of the scene is the fuel drum being used as a heat source; I wanted to portray a more human element in the location, representing a place where soldiers would gather to warm themselves up and have some refuge from the fighting, which then had to be subsequently abandoned. I like the way that this turned out, I wanted the hot coal effect to stand out and so I turned to various online tutorials for how to best accomplish it (unfortunately I did not bookmark the tutorials that I used). Confirmation of the Russian spelling of “Fuel” took a while and wasn’t as simple as I thought that it would be. I wanted to make sure that it referred to petrol rather than oil. I’m sure that someone proficient in Russian will be provided with a chuckle at either my incorrect spelling or context. The drum itself I had purchased a long time ago at one of the various model train expos that I visited. These model train shows are an excellent source of terrain materials in pretty much any scale.

With this base I thought a bit more about the layout and positioning of the figures. What I wanted to achieve was a classic, cover and flanking manoeuvre within the confines of the base. I feel that it has created an energy to the scene, with the anchor of the machine gunner and loader covering the NCO leading the charge forward.

This was another base where I had envisioned the scene and was inspired to create it. Another couple of days of furious activity and it was realised almost as I had pictured it. I’m very happy at how this turned out.

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