Light it Up!

This is my favourite base to date. The idea for it came spontaneously to me while working on another base. When it did I immediately went out and scoured the lands for a Maxim Machine Gun, which was surprisingly hard to find in my neck of the woods. Finally I managed to find one in a Russian command team blister. Then I went home and worked furiously for two days on this base as the inspiration took hold.

The idea was fairly simple: this squad has forced the Russians to retreat from their Machine Gun emplacement and one of the veterans of the squad has taken the opportunity of the break in combat and the flaming remains of the nest to enjoy a smoke.

I was worried about how the cotton wool smoke and the flames would turn out. I, however, am quite satisfied with the final result. It closely resembles the mental image that I had for the scene. The figure that I used for the veteran smoker had a natural, relaxed pose about him and, in my opinion, fits the role well. There isn’t any negative issues specific to this base, however I have listed some general things here in a previous post.

Let me know what you think of the base and the trialing of the various background colours for the photos.

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