Changes and Associations

Just a quick update to inform everyone about some new developments within this blog. Firstly I have made some alterations to the blog after tweaking with the widget controls within the blogging software. The sidebar includes updates on my progress and what I am currently working on. I got this idea after viewing a few blogs with this feature and I wanted to include it within this space. It will serve multiple purposes: to give a quick snapshot of future work and progression, and secondly to help keep myself on track and as an incentive to keep taking time out of my schedule to keep working on painting.

As an additional side effect you will be able to view my technique in tackling each piece of work, following each phase from start to finish. I go through a fair few phases as I have found that this is the best way, for me, to apply the level of detail that I attempt to create, on a production line setup. It can be easy to lose focus and get demoralised while painting as we strive for the end goal, especially on platoons of infantry (or companies for russians!) and multiple phases is on trick I use to keep the flame burning (pun intended 😉 ). In the future I will discuss my ways of staying on track in the hopes that it will assist others in doing the same.

Finally, after discussions with Steve MacLauchlan from WWPD, I have become affiliated with their WWPD network. I have been following their podcasts and posts on flames of war since their early days, all of which I have found entertaining. The community that they have developed with their forum is open, friendly and informative. Their dedication to their passion has helped inspire and their podcasts have given many hours of interesting background noise during painting sessions. Feel free to check out their website, forums, and network by either clicking on the link listed in the blogroll or the WWPD graphic on the sidebar. What does this mean for the blog? More frequent posting as I contribute to the network.

Thank you for viewing and I hope that you enjoy the changes.

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