WinterCON 2012

A short while ago I took the time out to go attend a local convention – WinterCON. It was situated very close to the previous CANCON that I went to earlier in the year. Once again it was a broad mix of games and tournaments; from pickup board games and demos, to the hosting of tournaments. The scale of the tournament was smaller than CANCON however it did not stop the wonderful miniatures from turning up to game. I will mostly let the quality of the models speak for themselves, unfortunately there was lots more talented work that I didn’t get a chance to snap. Enjoy

The thin red British line

Can they stop the Zulu Tide

The Flying Circus

Victorian Horror


Crossroad Secure

The gallery contains additional photos including some wonderful Games Workshop figures


I have been very busy of late, however I have been finding the time to paint here and there. I still have some older miniatures to showcase and then it is onto my recently completed work of which I am very excited about.

I have some ideas to mix up the content that I deliver. Some book reviews; history, reference and other related material. Also I work on posting my thoughts on various items of interest in regard to painting and the hobby in general. Stay tuned.

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