SNAFU Commander – Return to Base!

I have been working long and hard on my current project and it is drawing close to completion. There is one final conundrum; what am I going to do for the bases. For the new platoon of infantry I want to achieve a good balance of interest and complexity without each base being a diorama. In order to attain this balance I have to work on a structure and design for a “normal” base.

In previous pieces I have set each base in an individual setting, with its own mix of character and detail. I am exploring the idea of creating a general theme to link the whole platoon together. To experiment with techniques, effects, composition and layout I have created the following test pieces:-

I have learned a lot from designing and creating these bases. There are parts about each that I really like, which I will utilise.

I am very excited about finishing up my current project and I want to make sure that the bases present the soldiers in the best way possible.

Thank you for observing and I appreciate any feedback you give.

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2 Responses to SNAFU Commander – Return to Base!

  1. Stephen says:

    Really nice work. What are you using for the base material? Is it just painted spackle, or something fancier?

    • minutiaeofwar says:

      Hi Stephen,
      nothing fancy. It’s an air curing clay appropriately called “Das”. Once this has cured I then cover most of the base in Vallero Sandy Paste for the base texture. I then glue on some fine ballast and tallus/cork/stones in spots. The “Das” can be a pain to work with, don’t get it wet while working it onto the base otherwise when it dries it will shrink and warp off the base. I probably should use spackle as it does have better properties, it’s just that Das is the material that I first started working with.

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