Conventional Views

A short while ago I had the pleasure of attending my first wargaming convention. I had heard about this event through various gaming channels and had not previously considered going. The attraction was there however a number of concerns had kept me away. Namely the potential pain that would be inflicted upon my wallet after having viewed the various gaming universes, time periods, systems, and then subsequently purchasing a new force.

Another potential kindled my interest to attend this year; a painting competition in my scale was being held. This was a perfect opportunity to get my work critiqued as well as view other work produced by fellow modellers. So the weekend arrived and I entered my squads of infantry and two platoons of tanks into the competition and then perused through all of the events being held.

The quality of everyone’s work was fantastic and the number of high quality, fully painted flames of war armies in play surprised me. It represented the hobby extremely well with all of the forces being beautiful to look at.

I took the opportunity to take a few photos to share. There were numerous games with many models and battlefields catching my eye however as I did not wish to interfere with the action I refrained from taking many in-game photos.

Unfortunately not enough people participated in the painting category that I had entered and so no judging was held. A person who helped to host the painting competition did provide some positive feedback and encouraged me to join the modelling society that he is a part of. It is an interesting prospect however I suspect that it is tailored more for larger scale models.

I think that the painting awards with flames of war were actually tied into the tournament scoring system, hence why people did not put in entries for this other competition. This is an issue as I currently do not play the game associated with the miniatures; I just paint the models. Perhaps I could enter in the tournament in order to get my painted work evaluated!  I will take the positive from it and will look to have more work completed in time for the next event. Yet more encouragement to get a full force painted to the standard that I am looking for.

Currently a fair amount of my free time is being sunk into restoring a display cabinet, hence the delay in my most recent post. As always feel free to comment and discuss.

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Please feel free to comment or discuss

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