The Trial Terrain Piece

Ever since I got into modelling as a child I wanted to have a full terrain board for my figures to fight on. I had played a few games on, what I would call, a moderately terrained table top with modular terrain and that looked great, and it made me feel that a purpose built terrain tabletop would be a real delight to battle over. It would put a context on the battle and that you were not contesting for the hill of books that would overlook the cardboard box town, of which I have played a few. So after reading up on the many tutorials and information sources out there, I went ahead and created my first terrain piece for Flames of War (15mm scale). There were a number of techniques that I wanted to apply to this board so that I could work out the best way of creating different terrain features.

This piece will serve as the backdrop for displaying my models. I have viewed numerous photos of people’s work and I find that they look best when they have been put on the board that they normally game on. You can imagine them being on the board as your opponent in a potential game. It also puts them in a realm, that they exist on a battlefield out there, waiting to unleash their ambush.

Some things that I learned from this piece are:-

Layering static grass works extremely well. Initially I was concerned about the grass getting ‘clumpy’ and looking strange, however the effect worked without too much hassle. I will say that the glue that you are using (in my case its a specific formulated pva) will need to be thinned down so that it runs into the recesses of the original layer. The colour shifting in the grass, in my eyes, diversifies the look making it seem more natural.

Initially the overgrown hedge didn’t look quite right when completed. It did look overgrown, but somehow too ordered. I went and scratch built some brambles and ran it through the hedge and some additional branches growing out and I think that it looks greatly improved. There initially was some angst about the brambles being out of scale but I have grown to like the way that it works on the hedge.

I created a swampy area in order to test the application of water effects on a terrain piece. I found that it was easy to use and that paints and pigments can be incorporated into the material in order to create different effects.

I was considering making a construction step by step of the piece and document it here however the terrain test piece came before the blog. I may consider doing something like that in future projects, of which I have a massive terrain project lined up. Anyway, let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to The Trial Terrain Piece

  1. 40kterminatus says:

    A terrain tutorial would be great and the stuff you have already done looks lush.

    • minutiaeofwar says:

      Hi 40kterminatus thanks for your feedback. I could do a terrain tutorial in the future when I look to work more on my terrain board. I will note that all the techniques that I use I have unashamedly stolen from other gifted terrain modellers like TheTerrainStudio (I have a link to his site down the right hand side, he also does YouTube video tutorials).

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